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Back Scratches and Nail Biting

by Ian Kayser It all started a few years ago while giving my daughter Ruby a back scratch. She wanted to know why my back scratches weren’t as good as Harper’s back scratches. I told her that its because I bite my nails and Harper doesn’t. Ruby asked me to stop biting my nails so I could give her a better back scratch. I said I would try. Then the next b...

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Some Thoughts on Ordination

by Ian Kayser Last month I had the privilege of finishing my ordination trials. This means that next month (November 6) I will be ordained as a pastor in the PCA. I am super excited about this because it is a huge honor for me. Along with that, I am coming to terms with the responsibility. The process took me a little more than a year. To give you an idea of what ordinat...

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