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Thank You from Franklin Graham


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by Sonya Anthes Now that the holidays have passed and we have entered in to a new year, I’m sure many of you have decided on a New Year’s resolution. From preparing for Thanksgiving to Christmas, life can seem pretty stressful and hectic and then comes the new year. We take a deep breath of relief and say to ourselves, “This year I am going to ______.&rd...

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by Betsy Belk and Meagan Howard More than 20 years ago. Young Life answered God’s call to run headfirst into the chaos of teenage motherhood with the hope of Jesus... and YoungLives was born.  YoungLives has never wavered from the original version to reach teen moms by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to bec...

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Reflections on Ephesians

by Portia Collins Last night, our small group finished up the study of Ephesians. It was certainly an amazing study and I am grateful to have studied with such awesome women. Typically, when I finish studying a book of the Bible or even a simple passage of Scripture, I take a min to pause and reflect on what I’ve studied. I often ask myself, “What did you lear...

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Christmas Grief

by Mischa McCray Christmas is perhaps the most hyped time of the year.  How many holidays get a solid 2 months of "preparation" for one single day?  You could have started buying Christmas decorations in Walmart in October!  But as we continue to march on towards Christmas, I wanted to take a quick second to remind you that for many people, this is actually...

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But Even If He Doesn't

by Mary Grace Conrad Over the past three years, I’ve been waiting on, hoping for, and wondering if God will ever give me a baby.  I’ve cried out like David, “How long, O Lord?”  (Psalm 13). I’ve pleaded and sobbed and begged. I’ve tried to “learn” and “do good” so that God would reward me with a child. ...

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December 2017 Mission of the Month: Palmer Home for Children

by Gene Stansel On November 6, 2017, Walter and Stevie Pillow and Gene and Jere Stansel visited Palmer Home for Children in Columbus, Mississippi. The folks at Palmer rolled out their “big welcome mat” and gave us the royal treatment as we visited the administration building, Love Cottage, and the Palmer Home School. We ate lunch with the President (Drake Ba...

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by Michelle Hodges I have a real fireplace in my new house. One of my very favorite things in this world is a real fire in my own living room.  I love everything about them; the sound, the smell, the look of them, EVERYTHING! Chances are, on any night after Thanksgiving, you will find me curled up in a chair with a blanket and my cat, only my Christmas tree for light...

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A Father's Love

by Sonya Anthes 11/16/2017 As I am writing this, it is my daddy’s birthday. He has been on my mind a lot here lately, well honestly, he never really leaves my mind. He would have been 56 today, but instead of spending his birthday with me and the rest of his kids, he is spending it in the presence of the Father. So, I know he is having an unimaginably wonderful day...

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What Is the Chief End of Man?

by Corley Moses You know, I admit that lately I have been frustrated and bitter at the sin I see in others.  What’s troubling is that I have every reason to feel this way.  It’s been discouraging to me how many people I interact with in business that are dishonest or unjust.  You expect little kids to tell a lie or be selfish at times, but grown...

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