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Church Officers

The Session

SessionOur Elders (l to r): Stephen Pillow, Trey O'Brien, Richard Owens (Moderator),
Kent Savage (Clerk of the Session), Lee Coleman, John W. Downs, and Corley Moses
(Not pictured: William Montgomery, Elder Emeritus and Gene Stansel, Elder Emeritus)

Westminster Presbyterian Church follows the New Testament pattern of government by a Session of Ruling Elders. These men, elected by the congregation, attempt to meet rigid spiritual requirements set forth in I Timothy 3, and assume full spiritual authority for the congregation. The Session also includes the Senior Minister. The Session has supervision over all organizations of the church: the Board of Deacons, the Sunday School, the Women In the Church, the youth work, and all other groups.


IMG_7869.JPGOur Deacons (l to r): Brian Finnegan, Johnny Smith (Secretary),
Bob Morgan (Treasurer), Gary Dyksterhouse (Chairman), Rob Joiner, John Patridge,
Kim Makamson, McLeod Meek, Larry Myers, and Neil Pillow

In Acts 6, the Apostles instructed the Church to pick out men of good character, full of the Spirit and wisdom, to provide for the physical needs of the congregation. Under the supervision of the Session, the Deacons administer the business and financial affairs of the congregation as a whole, and for individuals with particular needs. Click here to find contact information for our Deacons.