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Archives for November 2015

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Weekly Wisdom (11-27-15)

Articles and More... Six Ways to Cultivate Thankfulness and Joy: "Aswe make gratitude a habit by practicing it over and over, it becomes part of us. Natural. As natural as complaining. And eventually thankfulness will drive out that demon of grumbling and we'll experience more and more consistent joy." Making Jesus Central in Your Family's Life: " are some impor...

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Being Thankful

I figured since it was Thanksgiving that it would be appropriate to write a blog post about being thankful. One thing that I've realized over the past week has been how the attitudes of those around me affect my own, particularly with thankfulness. I've found that when I surround myself with those who are grateful for the things that they have, I become more aware of how m...

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Weekly Wisdom (11-20-15)

Articles and More... The Great Work Taking Place in Our World: "If we live for that day now, it will strengthen us to the work of building the church of Christ together, in His name and with His power, striving with all our might to safeguard the gospel, which gives the only hope of salvation to a world lost in sin." The Danger of Comparison: "The purpose of our breath...

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Austin and Alicia Morris are members of Westminster who are spending a year in Rouen, France (near France's northern coast). Alicia is teaching and Austin, who did not speak French prior to their move, is taking classes. Click here to follow their French adventures on their personal blog. This week, I (Alicia) have been teaching my French students about Thanksgiving, sinc...

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Weekly Wisdom (11-13-15)

Articles and More... What About Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus?: A classic illustration from Francis Schaeffer. The 6 Assassins of a Man's Contentment: "You have enemies as you try to live as a content man. Most of the time we think the enemies are from withoutpeople around us and circumstances upon us. But the true enemies of contentment are within in us, which i...

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New Artist Spotlight: Arrows & Anchors

In case you missed the October newsletter, we posted an interview with Arrows Anchors. The full interview is below: We recently caught up with Reid Kelly and Amy Coleman as they were traveling to Nashville to lead worship at "A Call to Holiness" Youth Rally. Read about how they stepped into the world of songwriting and what we can look forward to in the future. When wou...

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Weekly Wisdom (11-6-15)

Articles and More... Why an Eternal Perspective Changes Everything: "Having an eternal perspective is in many ways the key to living a true Christ-following life." Exploring Peru: The Sacred Valley: An update from our friends in Peru, Nate and Nikki Bonham, as they travel to Cusco and explore their new home country. The Bonham Family Update: And while we're keeping up...

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A New Rhythm

Having just returned in July from living in Alaska for three years, these past months have been filled with many "first-time-post-Alaska" experiences. This past Sunday was my First Daylight Saving Time Since Alaska, and I can tell you it was quite different now that I have a fresh perspective on just how dark it is or isn't here in Greenwood. My first fall in Fairbanks,...

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