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Heart for Education

Almost by accident, my husband Derek and I have become career educators. As a result, we talk about education A LOT in our home What is a good education, who is getting a good education and who isn't, and how can we improve the educational system? These questions have taken on a new urgency now that we are asking ourselves a far more personal question: Where we will educ...

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A New Rhythm

Having just returned in July from living in Alaska for three years, these past months have been filled with many "first-time-post-Alaska" experiences. This past Sunday was my First Daylight Saving Time Since Alaska, and I can tell you it was quite different now that I have a fresh perspective on just how dark it is or isn't here in Greenwood. My first fall in Fairbanks,...

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For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. When my husband and I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska three years ago, we felt strongly that God had plans for us in the far north we just couldn't know what those plans would be. When we drove away from Greenwood in June of 2012 we didn't know where we would be living once we got to Alaska, I didn't ...

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Greetings from Alaska, Part 2

This is a follow-up to Elizabeth Hinckley's earlier blog post about life in Alaska. You can find Part 1 here. So how does one live in a home without running water? When we first moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, my husband Derek and I lived in just such a home (called a "dry cabin" by locals) for over a year. Here's how we solved the big problems of The Sink, The Shower, and Th...

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Greetings from Alaska!

Let me begin by clarifying: I am not from Alaska. I grew up and attended college in the suburbs of Chicago. Upon graduation I moved south to Greenwood, Mississippi, and after getting married there, my husband and I moved north again to the far north, the Last Frontier: Fairbanks, Alaska. Like the vast majority of my peers, I grew up in a home with running water. Secure i...

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