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Have you ever sat down and actually looked at your fingerprints? Up until a few days ago, I never have and I was interested to learn more about fingerprints since they all seem to be so unique from one person to the next. I did a little bit of research and here are some of the fun facts that I gathered: No two fingerprints have ever been found alike in many billions of ...

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The Little Things

One thing that I have really noticed lately is that I have been so focused on always looking at the big picture without taking any time to "stop and smell the roses" as some might say. My eyes were opened to this while at work a few weeks back and has really made me think about it ever since. We were prepping for a big visit from some people out of our corporate office so ...

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30 Packets of Ketchup

I just recently took a marketing class that discussed the importance of having a title that would grab the reader's attention, because a large percentage of readers go on to the next article if the title seems boring. For some reason, this title kept popping into my head and I just decided to stick with it. Anyway, let's get on to something that actually makes a little bit...

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