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Archives for August 2017

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Dear Westminster, When I first moved to Greenwood in 2009, I was surprised to learn that the city did not recycle. Growing in up California, there never was a time in my life where our community did not have weekly curbside recycling pickup. The same was true at my mother's house in rural Arizona and at my university in rural New York. By the time I moved to Greenwood, re...

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Encouraging Story of the Day

by Mary Grace Conrad If you have ever listened to K-LOVE Radio, you have probably heard someone call in to give the "encouraging story of the day." It's an opportunity for people to share how God has worked in their liveswhether it be through a song, a prayer, or by someone coming into their lives at just the right time. So today I want to share how God used a friend to e...

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Blog Post on Race, the Gospel, and the Moment

by Lee Coleman As many of us watched the disturbing events surrounding the protests and ensuingviolence from Virginia this past weekend, we were horrified by the extreme behavior we witnessed. In this brief blog post by Tim Keller from The Gospel Coalition, he reminds us of our own sinful temptation to take the cause of nationalism, racism, orsuperiority, and the outright...

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Back Scratches and Nail Biting

by Ian Kayser It all started a few years ago while giving my daughter Ruby a back scratch. She wanted to know why my back scratches weren't as good as Harper's back scratches. I told her that its because I bite my nails and Harper doesn't. Ruby asked me to stop biting my nails so I could give her a better back scratch. I said I would try. Then the next back scratch would ...

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Woman to Woman

by Joyce Kokaisel Galatians 6:10 (Amp) James 1:5 (Amp) "Happy indeed is a devoted woman; She is bound to her God securely. She stands firm and is fed from the fountain of faith. She walks in heavenly light and wisdom, accompanied by her Father's revelations. She presents herself and all she cherishes humbly before her God She speaks what is true with courage ...

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