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Archives for May 2017

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Finding Contentment

by Mischa McCray Have you ever been around a person who seems to find something to complain about regardless of the situation? They could be at the highest rated restaurant in town, but there's a problem with the service or the food. There always seems to be an issue with their house, or their job, or their family, or maybe all of them. No matter their circumstances, they...

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The Gift of Not Being Needed

by Sonya Anthes There are roughly about 7 billion people in the world and not a single one is even remotely close to being you. The Lord created you and gave you a purpose. You might say, "I don't know what my purpose is." or "My gifts are not as important as his." or "I wish I could be more like her." The fact is, you are not supposed to be like her or him. You are exac...

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The Evil Stepstool

What is your stepstool? My two year old daughter, Mamie, has fallen in love with a simple stepstool that we have at our house. There is nothing fancy about this stool. It is your basic, one-step, folding stool, most likely from Wal-Mart. I am pretty sure I bought this thing for Tracy for her birthday a few years ago. She has to use it in the kitchen in order to reach anyth...

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Be Prepared

by Meredith Allen Like a good boy scout, I like to be prepared. "Prepared for what?" you might ask. I would answer, "Prepared for your future." How do we prepare for the future when we can't know the future? As Christians, we can and do know the future, at least concerning the most important thing. Eternal life is the ultimate reward that God has prepared for his family. ...

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Eric Metaxas

by Brady Warren Over the winter, Jeff and I discovered the podcast The Eric Metaxas Show and we have both gained an appreciation of the show, quizzing each other many days over what was thought of the daily interviews. He produces two, fifty minute shows each day that are syndicated in 120 cities across the nation. For those of you not familiar with Eric Metaxas, he has a...

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