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Don't Crash Into the Wall

by Michelle Hodges Rest. Be still. Slow down. Take a break. Stop. I'd be willing to bet that most of us are offended when one of those statements is directed at us. Why is that? Why are we so easily upset when someone tells us to stop? In our world full of energy drinks, Siri reminders, and digital to-do lists, "rest" is treated like a bad four-letter word. Rest, physic...

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Bonham/Gutierrez Update

by Michelle Hodges and Nikki Bonham Westminster friends, I'm thrilled to bring you the latest update from the Bonham and Gutierrez families, Cross Collaboration, our Mission of the Month for March! The Lord is working in mighty way in Arequipa, Peru! Nikki Bonham has sent us a ton of information on all of the exciting things happening there right now. So, here's the lates...

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by Michelle Hodges I have a real fireplace in my new house. One of my very favorite things in this world is a real fire in my own living room. I love everything about them; the sound, the smell, the look of them, EVERYTHING! Chances are, on any night after Thanksgiving, you will find me curled up in a chair with a blanket and my cat, only my Christmas tree for light, and ...

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I Will Be Grace

by Michelle Hodges "People become what they believe to be true about themselves." Anna Nash began Friday of the women's retreat swinging for the fence. No easing us into her topic, no gentle introduction. When she began to speak, I became hooked. I entered this retreat weekend feeling extremely disconnected and lost. Since January, I've really been struggling with my ide...

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How Music Taught Me To Worship

Music has always been a constant presence in my life. My earliest memories are singing in the car with my Mama, or sitting with Daddy going through his records. I loved and absorbed everything I heard. Around the time I learned to read, which was about the age of five, I could stand in the chairs at the old hospital building and follow along with the hymnal. Memorization ...

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