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Archives for September 2015

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Encouragement for Weary Parents

Is your hair on fire? I think ours is at the O'Brien house. Has the beginning of the school year created a pace of madness unknown to even action director James Cameron himself? Has the chaos bled over into your bedtime routine with your children? May I suggestthis article for two simple bedtime prayers for weary parents? At the end of the day, no matter what has happene...

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Weekly Wisdom (9-25-15)

Articles and More... How To Read Through the Gospels in 30 Days: Crossway has developed a free reading plan that will take you through the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in 30 days. Mercy Ministry Newsletter: Check out MTW's latest newsleter. From the Pulpit... ...

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Vishal Mangalwadi The Book That Made Your World

A friend recently gave me a copy of Vishal Mangalwadi's book The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization. The author does an excellent job in explaining, from an Indian viewpoint, how the Bible created liberty in the West. The following product description (which I found on the internet) provides a good overview of the book. "Whet...

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Weekly Wisdom (9-18-15)

Articles and More... Cross Collaboration September Newsletter: A funeral, vodka, coca leaves, and the Gospel. Find out how these things come together. What Would I Lose If I Lost Worship?: "Worship is a privilege, to be sure. But it is also a requirement, a responsibility. And the greatest responsibility and the greatest privilege in worship is to bring glory to God." ...

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Marriage: Barely Skimming the Surface

My name is Murry Adams, and I grew up in Greenwood as a past member of the Westminster community, where I also became a believer. I am 24 and currently in my second year of medical school at Virginia Tech (VCOM). This summer, I got married to Louise Lamb who was one of my good friends from college. We started dating during our first year out of college when we both lived i...

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Weekly Wisdom (9-11-15)

Articles and More... How We Do Family Devotions: "I think the best way to learn family devotions is by example: Find out what other people do, and imitate them as your starting point. So let me tell you how we do family devotions and, if you have not yet developed the habit, at least consider beginning here." The Weakness of Ruth is Greater Than the Strength of Samson:...

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As many of you know, I originally moved to the Delta in 2009 as a part of the Teach for America program. Being a socially-conscious, recent college grad, I wanted to help young people who hadn't been given the same opportunities as I had. Having gone to a Christian school and college, TFA was my first venture into the secular world of education. While I was enthused by the...

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Weekly Wisdom (9-4-15)

Articles and More... Is Your Joy Real or an Imposter?: Sam Storms writes about "a robust delight in God in the midst of the most severe and troubling trials." A Call to Teenagers to Be Free: John Piper is"calling teenagers to a radical, wartime lifestyle." From the Pulpit... ...

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Fines "Lynn" Robinson

Please pray for the family of Lynn Robinson (father of Sonya Anthes) as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Click here to read Mr. Robinson's online obituary....

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God is Faithful

God is faithful at all times and in all things. A Christian's richest moments are when we see his faithfulness clearly and explicitly, and our loneliest ones when we don't, and feel apart and abandoned. I cannot imagine the depth of sorrow Adam and Eve experienced upon their exile from the Garden of Eden. At one moment, in perfect fellowship with the Almighty, and in anoth...

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