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Men's Steak Dinner

by John Patridge Please answer yes or no to this week's Westminster test. Are you a man? Do you like to eat free steak with no strings attached? Do you plan to eat dinner Tuesday January 23rdbetween 5:30 and 7:00 pm? Have you ever wondered what those people do every week in the big white building at the east end of Park Avenue? If you answered yes to any of the ...

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The Evil Stepstool

What is your stepstool? My two year old daughter, Mamie, has fallen in love with a simple stepstool that we have at our house. There is nothing fancy about this stool. It is your basic, one-step, folding stool, most likely from Wal-Mart. I am pretty sure I bought this thing for Tracy for her birthday a few years ago. She has to use it in the kitchen in order to reach anyth...

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Bad Christians

by John Patridge I recently saw a movie entitled Bad Moms. The main character, Amy Mitchell, is a mother of two with a fulltime job and a lazy husband. Amy is over-worked, overwhelmed and tired of being perfect. She attends every PTA meeting and every sporting event all while trying to get her children to eat healthy. Most of the things Amy does, she does to impress other...

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30 Years in the Making

Have you ever had something happen to you or an event occur in your life that made you think, "God has been preparing me for this"? Sometimes we have things happen to us that we cannot mentally or physically be prepared for but somehow we manage to get through it. Those of you that know me know that seven months ago my life was changed forever - my wife gave birth to our f...

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