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What Is the Chief End of Man?

by Corley Moses You know, I admit that lately I have been frustrated and bitter at the sin I see in others. What's troubling is that I have every reason to feel this way. It's been discouraging to me how many people I interact with in business that are dishonest or unjust. You expect little kids to tell a lie or be selfish at times, but grownups? This can wear you out and...

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From Awe to Generosity

What are you in "Awe" of? What makes you stand in amazement or wonder? What or who draws your greatest admiration? Lately in Sunday School, we have been trying to answer these questions. One of our goals is to hopefully lead us to be a generous people. The primary goal is to see our need for Jesus in every facet of our lives, and to be able to find contentment and rest in ...

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Trickle Down Economics

With all of the presidential talk going on, it reminds me of one of the phrases that I heard as a child. Trickle Down Economics (Reganomics) was the approach to economics that had as its foundation the tactic of lowering corporate taxes and regulations. In turn, the corporations would be more profitable and therefore able to expand their work force and increase wages as th...

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When I was in high school, there was an interesting character at most of our football games. I don't know who he was and, as far as I know, he had no ties to anyone there. Nevertheless, he would walk up and down the sidelines yelling "FUMBLE", and the funny thing is that he said it all the time. It did not seem to matter if we were on offense or defense. I can't explain wh...

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Needs, Weeds, and Seeds

Riding around on the farm this year seems to be a never ending journey of discovering new weeds growing in the fields. Although weeds are nothing new in farming, there is a resurgence lately of uncontrollable weeds that hasn't been seen in years. Despite the latest technology in science and or mechanical engineering, the unwanted plants seem to find a way to survive. In my...

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Spirit of Humility

Lately there has been much talk about the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives. We just recently finished a Sunday School series on the Holy Spirit, and we have seen the Spirit all through our sermon series on Romans 8. These lessons made me think of a passage in 1 Corinthians 2 that addresses our need of the Spirit. Starting in verse 6 and continuing to the end of the ch...

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