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Archives for August 2015

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Weekly Wisdom (8-28-15)

Articles and More... Why We Don't Ask God for Things-And Why We Should: "Asking is an expression of dependence: when we ask, we rely on God rather than ourselves." God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle: "Suffering doesn't get the last line in the script. In this life, God will give you more than you can handle, but the coming weight of glory will be greater than y...

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Westminster Welcomes Ian Kayser

Ian KayserDirector of Family Ministries During our Vision Lunch two weeks ago, Lee introduced Ian Kayser as Westminster's new Director of Family Ministries. The Session is very excited about Ian joining us! Historically, Westminster's pastoral leadership has consisted of a Senior Pastor and a Youth and Families Pastor. However, throughout this past year, the Session caref...

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Weekly Wisdom (8-21-15)

Articles and More... How I Started Praying the Bible: "It is gratifying to be able to share with you something that has been so meaningful to me for so long. I hope you will find the practice of praying the Bible equally meaningful and helpful in your own prayer life." Too Busy for God's Word?: "...when we aren't pursuing communion with God in prayer and reading His ...

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Honoring God

To honor the omnipotent, omnipresent, creator, Holy GOD is truly a high calling. I ponder how any person could truly honor GOD.Is it a process or a method? Is it heart motivated? How do you honor GOD? This is a serious undertaking.Being steeped in the WORD would be a good start. The WORD is how GOD speaks to us. Then there is prayer which is how we speak with GOD. Is that ...

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Weekly Wisdom (8-14-15)

Articles and More... The World Map of Christian Apps: Here is a map that will help you navigate through some of the many tools that are available to Christians. 4 Ways to Reach a Child's Heart: "To really open up a child's heart, a father must observe the work-and-keep model of Genesis 2:15." Seven Subtle Symptoms of Pride: "In his essay on undetected pride, Jonathan ...

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An Unplugged Christmas

As temperatures are soaring near and above 100 degrees, it's difficult to imagine that the Christmas season is just around the corner. Yet the time has come once again for the Children's Ministries team to begin preparations for this year's Christmas program. In this year's program, "An Unplugged Christmas," you can expect to see some real "acting" and hear some debut sol...

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Weekly Wisdom (8-7-15)

Articles and More... Every Hair on Your Head is Numbered: "Christians struggling because of difficult circumstances can take great comfort in the fact that, no matter what befalls them in this life, nothing happens outside of their heavenly Father's loving plan for their ultimate salvation." 24 Free e-Books for You: Desiring God has a series of e-books available free o...

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For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. When my husband and I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska three years ago, we felt strongly that God had plans for us in the far north we just couldn't know what those plans would be. When we drove away from Greenwood in June of 2012 we didn't know where we would be living once we got to Alaska, I didn't ...

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