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Archives for May 2015

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Mable Whitten

Please be in prayer for the family of Mable Whitten, grandmother of Channing Hodges, as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Her online obituary can be read here....

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Weekly Wisdom (5-29-15)

Articles and More... The Christian and Common Grace: "Temporal sufferings, like temporal blessings, are an opportunity to bring glory to God. If we who have Christ as our model don't believe that, a lost and dying world never will." 5 Reasons to Rejoice in Persecution: This is another article that challenges our definition of "blessed". The Gospel in Mexico: An Interv...

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Teenagers and Their First Smartphones

Have a teenager who's unboxing a smartphone for the first time? Nervous? You should be! Read this helpful article by Tim Challies to get you through this traumatic experience. Then "pray without ceasing!"...

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Weekly Wisdom (5-22-15)

Articles and More... How to Pray All Day: After reading about John Calvin's 4 Rules of Prayer last week, this is a consideration as to how we can live out Paul's exhortation to "pray without ceasing". Christians, You Will Suffer: "Those who suffer know Him better." Bonham Gutierrez Missions Newsletter - May 2015 Family Edition: This month Cross Collaboration has a "F...

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Greetings from Alaska, Part 2

This is a follow-up to Elizabeth Hinckley's earlier blog post about life in Alaska. You can find Part 1 here. So how does one live in a home without running water? When we first moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, my husband Derek and I lived in just such a home (called a "dry cabin" by locals) for over a year. Here's how we solved the big problems of The Sink, The Shower, and Th...

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Weekly Wisdom (5-15-15)

Articles and More... The Wonder of Sunday Morning: A great reminder of the wonder and beauty that take place every Sunday morning. John Calvin's 4 Rules of Prayer: "For John Calvin, prayer cannot be accomplished without discipline. He writes, 'Unless we fix certain hours in the day for prayer, it easily slips from our memory.' He goes on to prescribe several rules to g...

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Lessons Learned from Scarlet Fever

Mark 7:31-37 tells a brief account of Jesus healing a deaf and mute man near the Sea of Galilee. Many times in the past I have read right through this story, and not given it a second thought. In the end, it is Jesus healing another person, yada yada yada. Often, God chooses to reveal dead lessons to me with life experiences, and this teaching moment was no different. Abo...

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Weekly Wisdom (5-8-15)

Articles and More... Come and Die: "Christianity is about suffering like a soldier, training like an athlete, and working hard like a farmer. One thing these three examples have in common is a stubborn commitment to a diligent daily grind for a payoff that is not instant or immediate." In Praise of Hymns: Check out this CBS Sunday Morning Cover Story that takes a look ...

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The Calm of Justification

Dear Friends, Elizabeth and I attended the RUF Reunion in Starkville two weekends ago and were greatly encouraged by the fellowship and worship along with many of our old friends. Many of you know Brian Habig (Sr Pastor at Downtown Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC and former RUF campus minister at MSU) who preached at Grace Presbyterian Starkville on Sunday morning. ...

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Weekly Wisdom (5-1-15)

Articles and More... The Inner Ring: This is the C. S. Lewis article that Richard referenced in his sermon on Sunday. "I am not going to say that the existence of Inner Rings is an Evil. It is certainly unavoidable...But the desire which draws us into Inner Rings is another matter." A very thought-provoking read! Lewis on Disordered Desire to Enter the Inner Ring: For ...

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