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Archives for September 2016

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Overwhelming Emotions

Today in my Algebra 1 class, I got so frustrated with a student who is a habitual behavior problem in my class. Every day I have to tell this student to stop talking to his friends, to start doing his work, and to stop turning around (he sits in the front of the class). It's the turning around that really gets me. I'll just stop teaching and stare at him, waiting for him t...

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As we said Sunday, when we open our mouths to sing and give God praise, we are never alone. It doesn't matter if we are in a worship service, at home doing laundry, or driving in our car, when we sing to God, we never sing a solo. We always sing a duet because Jesus is singing with us! Hebrews calls us to respond to the greatness of God's saving power in our lives by conti...

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Be a Bird

"He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." Psalm 91:4 NIV We often speak about our lives in terms of seasons, and much as the summer is shifting into fall, my life is in a "season" of change as well. When I was younger, I was not a fan of change. I didn't like the idea of things being ...

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The Story (Part 4)

by Amy Coleman This is a continuation of Lee and Amy Coleman's adoption story. Click the following to read the earlier posts: Parts 1 2, Part 3. THE STORY, pt. 4: The Process We want one, yep, just one. Baby. One. Ok, maybe two if said baby has a very young older sibling. But mostly just one. And did I mention baby? One? That is where our thought processes immediately ...

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